Words Cloud of Python’s terms

Words Cloud of Python’s terms

September 8, 2014 Internet Web Apps 0

Today I tried to create my own version of “Words Cloud” using terms I have learned in Python programming. To do that, I use Wordle, which is a website that provides a free service to create words cloud picture. If you don’t know what “Words cloud” is , here is my creation:

word cloud

I learned that to make words larger (as in word Python in above image) I just need to type the word more than once. So, the number of same words appeared in the list will be proportional to the word’s size in the Words Cloud. Caution: don’t forget to make offline copy of your words list because it appears that Wordle doesn’t retain the list after creating the picture. Unluckily, all the words I submitted disappeared after I generate the picture, because I didn’t copy it before doing that. So, I need to do that from the beginning if I want to add some more words. But I think the picture is awesome thou, so maybe next time I will do it again.

I think “Words Cloud” is good for showing the list of topics before starting a presentation/lecture or as an attractive heading image in a blog post. If you are interested, go try yourself at: http://www.wordle.net/create. Cheers!


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