New Browsing Workflow with Pocket

New Browsing Workflow with Pocket

June 12, 2014 Internet Web Apps 0

I just installed a new app called “Pocket”. It gives easiness for storing interesting articles while browsing for read later. All you need to do is a click on a toolbar button, provided by Pocket’s browser extension (I am glad they have it in Safari), and wait a view moment until it says “Page saved”. This is clearly more simple compared with “Clip to Evernote” extension, for example. So, I think from now on, when I found  a good article, I’ll save it in Pocket. But because I’ve been using Evernote and really like how it manages my articles collection, so I also made a recipe in IFTTT to automatically add the excerpt of the article to Evernote every time I add new article to Pocket. Nice and easy. 

Another benefit is, not only they provide an Android app for Pocket, I can also install Pocket’s app in my old PocketEdge. This is very nice because I’ve failed installing Evernote there. So now, I can read my article collection, not only from Laptop, but also from my eBook reader and phone. 

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