List of subjects in Japanese elementary school

List of subjects in Japanese elementary school

April 7, 2014 Japan Japanese Vocabulary 0

Aidan starts his 3rd grade of Elementary School today. And we received some new guidelines documents for the new class. Tonight I just noticed that no more English translation in his new schedule sheet, usually they have. It means I need to work on some Japanese tonight!

After some Kanjis hunt, here is the list of his 3rd grade’s subjects, I thing other foreign parents would need it:

  1. Japanese language = Kokugo 国語
  2. Morals = Doutoku 道徳
  3. Science = Rika 理科
  4. Arithmetics = Sansuu 算数
  5. Social study = Shakai 社会
  6. Writing = Shosha 書写
  7. Music = Ongaku 音楽
  8. Drawing & manual art = Zuko 図工
  9. P.E. = Taiiku 体育
  10. Class/home activities = Gakkatsu 学活
  11. Comprehensive? = Sougou 総合

About the last one (no.11), I am not sure what it is. Please give some comments if you know what kind of subject it is.

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